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Colombia is the country with the biggest amount of birds´ species in the world. With more than 1900 species, which 90 are endemics and more than 100 near-endemics. We have more than 20 routes all over the country and our professional team will  show you these birds in more than 90 locations of Colombia. We are expert local bird watchers and we are willing to watch birds with you!

We design the tour according to what you want to see, by species, by places, photography tour, with special requirements of tourist sites, gastronomy, special transport conditions, cultural activities, etc. What you dream we have it.

We form interdisciplinary groups of local guides, operators, biologists, reserves and photographers all specialized in birds of Colombia, we know the species of each region, the appropriate places to make good routes and the best travel experience in Colombia, with customized plans, Directed by:

Mauricio Ossa Aristizábal

Advertiser / Photographer/Birder : dedicated to bird photography coodinator Global Big Day Colombia, creator La Bandada birds photo club and the portal

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Niky Carrera Levy

Advertiser / Photographer/Birder : dedicated to bird photography co-creator the portal

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