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Schedule 2023

All tours are accompanied by Niky & Mauro, a couple of photographers who made the only Big Year in Colombia in 2021 touring the 32 departments that Colombia has, each tour has a maximum capacity of 6 people.

Coffee Region Tour

March 16 to 24 (9 Days)

The coffee region or coffee cultural landscape is located in the central Andes, the tour includes the best places for bird photography in the region.

Cauca Valley

May 15 to 23 (9 days)

The Cauca Valley is located in the south of Colombia, the tour includes the visit to the best places located in the western mountain range.

Coffee Region + Cauca Valley

July 12 to 25 (14 days)

The coffee region and the Cauca Valley together have the best places for bird photography in Colombia.

¿Why Birding With Us?

Birding in Colombia

Hi, we are Niky Carrera Levy and Mauricio Ossa, directors of Birds Colombia. We would like to tell you our story and to share the services we provide through Birds Colombia. We are both Advertising professionals and photographers. Our mutual love of birds brought us together as a couple.   Since 2015 we have been developing Communications Strategies to raise awareness   of the importance of birds and their habitat in the development of a «green based» economy for Colombia.

In 2021 we traveled throughout Colombia’s 32 departments (states) to complete the «American Birding Association Big Year». A Big Year is a personal challenge among birders who attempt to identify as many species of birds as possible in a period of one year.   The Big Year challenge allowed us to reach all corners of the country, learn about the most bio diverse places in Colombia  and to observe and photograph birds. We were the first bird watchers to take the Big Year challenge in Colombia.  This journey also allowed us to reach remote communities and gave us the opportunity to talk to them about conservation and the importance of ecological tourism. » we look for children to become leaders «Birds Guardian«, a project that connects children to conservation through birds, nearly 1,000 children have participated and we have delivered 30 birding kits (binoculars, bird guide book, backpack, vest, cap, T-shirt).

You can be sure that we know all Colombia

We know the best places for birding in Colombia

Our Exclusive Tours

Birdwatching For Two

This tour is exclusive for two customers, select the number of days and enjoy birding in Colombia with us.

Tailor Made Tour

Our personalized tour is designed for visiting our favorite places for bird watching and photography.

Let’s Go Birding Together

We welcome those who identify as LGBTQ+ and want to enjoy a unique and inclusive experience in Colombia.

Hummingbird Heaven

With 165 species of hummingbirds in Colombia , we have the perfect tour for you, come with us and discover the best places for hummingbird watching and photography.

+ Experiences

Colombia features rich culture, gastronomy, music and wide and diverse geography.  This diversity guarantees to translate into a wonderful life experience.

with what experience you want to accompany your Birding in Colombia


Live an experience with a barista to learn more about coffee culture and its different preparations.

Salsa Dancing or Tango Dancing

Salsa show presented at the 1st Cabaret Latino of Colombia with a tribute to the great stars of the dance. You can enjoy a night that will surely transform the way you feel Latin music and culture in Cali, the salsa capital of the world.

Alternative Plan for Her

While your partner goes birding with Mauro, Niky will take you in the morning to the best spa in the region and then an afternoon of shopping.


A night of photography with a guide specializing in herpets.

Traditional Town

During our bird watching tours we will  visit a small traditional village with colonial houses with balconies and vivid colors.

Market Place

Walking through the corridors of the Alameda Gallery is to stray into the smells of the countryside and be enchanted by the colors of the fresh fruits and vegetables of the region. Visiting this market is also a way to get in touch with the rural spirit of the region and with the cheerfulness and outgoing nature that Colombians are known for. Sellers offer you their products and give samples, people tell jokes and look for conversation. A whole social experience.

Bird Friendly Coffee Farm

Visit a shaded coffee farm that is bird friendly and learn about the whole process of growing and producing coffee.


A workshop to learn more about local beers with an experts certified as Host Brewers by the international organization Cicerone.

Unusual Cuisine

Private dining room of original cuisine inspired on travels. This is not in itself a place, a table or a restaurant. It is a unique experience of concept food that intermingled the influences of various cuisines of the world through several magical moments that seduce the palate. it does not make a lot of sense!!

Ballooning in the Coffee growing region

If you have not yet fulfilled your dream of ballooning, you can do while overlooking the wonderful Coffee Growing Region landscape, declared by Unesco as a world heritage site.

or tell us what you like it and we’ll look for a tailor-made experience.

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Tell us what you want and we will tailor a plan for you.

About Us

Niky Carrera Levy

Was born in Ibagué/Tolima/Colombia, she was selected as one of the photographers of the book 100 Colombian photographers 2018.

Director of «Guardián de las aves» project.


Mauricio Ossa

Was born in Manizales/Caldas/Colombia, he is a member of the National Committee of the Global Big Day Colombia and President of the Ornithological Association of Caldas (SCO)

Director of «Birds Colombia» project.



Our story in the TV Show «Los informantes» the most important TV channel in Colombia


Puntuación: 5 de 5.

«Your education work»

«Works hard to educate about the importance of preserving Colombia’s biodiversity. It raises awareness about how even small things can make a difference».

Keith Jones

Puntuación: 5 de 5.

«Thank you for your commitment»

«Guys!!!! Wonderful wishes for this new stage!! thank you for your commitment!!!! I was able to know and enjoy its landscapes, birds and dedication for those of us who visited Colombia, even though this was a project!!!! I have no doubt that they will dedicate to each visitor their love and commitment to birds!!!!! Good start!!!!!! (PD: a genia Elena with the photo!!). Hugs from Argentina».

Maria Fernanda Gauna

Puntuación: 5 de 5.

«Excellent work»

Excellent work they do, thank you for trusting Mar Azul Playa y Turismo for your projects, missions and photos! We hope to see you back and soon!

Patricia Duran

Puntuación: 5 de 5.

«For me a privilege»

«Great, for me a privilege to have a friend like you, who allowed me to meet cool people and part of your beautiful country. Also lucky to be part of your project as La Bandada. A Hug from Chile»

Fabian Barrueto

Puntuación: 5 de 5.

«Waiting for you»

We are also waiting for you in the Choco Capurganá border with Panama, to take advantage of the beautiful places in this area

Marco Chiandetti

Puntuación: 5 de 5.

«Conservation history»

«People making history for bird conservation»

Norma Grajales

The Big Year Colombia

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