Our guests say:

«thank you for your commitment»

Guys!!!! Wonderful wishes for this new stage!! thank you for your commitment!!!! I was able to know and enjoy its landscapes, birds and dedication for those of us who visited Colombia, even though this was a project!!!! I have no doubt that they will dedicate to each visitor their love and commitment to birds!!!!! Good start!!!!!!. Hugs from Argentina.

Fernanda Gauna / Argentina

«the best time»

It is my fourth time in Colombia and it was the best time, first for tourism with Niky and Mauro, and two for the birds, I saw many birds this time with Niky and Mauro, they did it easily, the trip was very comfortable, we sure have to come back and maybe very quickly

Joseph Calaminici / USA

«fallen in love»

We are impressed by your treatment, your knowledge, we have made a tour to a part of Colombia, which we have completely fallen in love with, all the places we have visited have been wonderful.

Eddie Alfaro / Mexico

«wonderful time»

A wonderful time in colombia, on this bird watching trip, thanks Mauro and Niky.
Every day we spend wonderful time, full time and the best bird photos. Thanks again

Bob Chen / USA

«very memorable»

I will keep this trip in mind, every day was very pleasant, it was very memorable, thank you Mauro and Niky, I will definitely look for you next time to come with my friends

Johnny Lam / USA

«great honor»

Thank you both for this shooting event. I feel very happy and high performance. It is a great honor to meet with you. This warm service makes me feel like family. I really have personality. Thank you for the opportunity to come again in the future. To Colombia, Kai Niao will walk with you again, thank you for your hard work, thank you!

Chang Sheng /China

«family-like attention»

I have nothing but to thank both Niky and Mauro for the first class, family-like attention they have given us, the wonderful places they have taken us to and we will definitely try to do it again.

Marcela Pizaña /Mexico

«memorable experience»

It’s definitely a memorable experience that are going to last a long time. Other than the beautiful sites you took us to, you two played most important parts of making this trip so wonderful, thank you so much from bottom of my ❤️

Jie Hu / USA

«more colorful world»

Love Mauricio & Niky, Love birds Colombia. You let us see different Colombia view&birds, more colorful world in SouthAmerica,we will comeback with our friend,listo el pollo everyday 🐓

Yang Ni / China

«best birds in the world»

Thank you Mauro and Niky, Niky and Mauro for the wonderful, wonderful birding tour in my favorite country in the world, Colombia, with the best birds in the world, with the two best guides in the world. We can not wait to come back and see you and see the birds and see the beauty of Colombia. We will be back.

Sylvia Guarino / USA

Tour video

Birdwatching with Marcela & Eddie from Mexico / April 2023
Birdwatching with Martín Li’ Group from China / March 2023
Birdwatching for Two with Sylvia & Joe from USA / February 2023
Hummingbirds Tour with Bob Chen’s group from USA / October 2022

Some photos of species from the our guests

Tour moments

Photos by Ke-lai Lee from China Birding in Colombia / Common Potoo & Green Honeycreeper

Photos by Martin Zihao-Li from China Birding in Colombia / Gray-breasted Mountain-Toucan & Indigo-capped Hummingbird

Photos by Chang Sheng from China Birding in Colombia / Andean Cock-of-the-rock & Torrent Duck

Photos by Feng Qing from New York Birding in Colombia / Sparkling Violetear

Photos by Quinn Chan from New York Birding in Colombia / Multicolored tanager

Photos by Ed & Mandy from the Netherlands Birding in Otún Quimbaya / Red-ruffed fruitcrow

Photos by Ernesto Obando Birding in Hacienda El Bosque / Gray-breasted Mountain-Toucan

Photos by Keith Jones and Patty Gonzalez Birding in La Florida el Bosque de las Aves / Chestnut Wood-Quail by Mauricio Ossa

Photos by Niky Carrera Levy Birding in SFF Los Flamencos / American flamingo

Photos by Fabian Barrueto from Chile Birding in Parque Nacional de la Uva / Ruby-topaz Hummingbird

Photos by Rodrigo Gaviria Birding in Piedra del Condor PNN Purace / Andean Condor

Photos by David Bejarano «Truman» & Mauricio Ossa Birding in Ukuku Rural Lodge / Torrent Duck