Tangará Alirrufa/Rufous-winged Tanager/Tangara lavinia

Nombre en español: Tangará Alirrufa

Nombre en ingles: Rufous-winged Tanager

Nombre científico: Tangara lavinia

Familia: Thraupidae

Foto: Mauricio Ossa

Canto: Andrew Spencer

La tangara alirrufa o tángara de cuello dorado (Tangara lavinia) es una especie de ave paseriforme de la familiaThraupidae. Es nativo de Belice, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua y Panamá.1​ Vive en el bosque tropical, incluso en el bosque muy degradado.1


Se distinguen las siguientes subespecies:3

  • Tangara lavinia cara (Bangs, 1905)
  • Tangara lavinia dalmasi (Hellmayr, 1910)
  • Tangara lavinia lavinia (Cassin, 1858)

Rufous-winged tanager

The rufous-winged tanager (Tangara lavinia) is a species of bird in the family Thraupidae. It is found in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and heavily degraded former forest.

The Rufous-winged Tanager (Tangara lavinia) is a brightly colored species of the genus Tangara. Its name derives from the copper-red shading of the wing, which is more prominent in males than females. The Rufous-winged Tanager has a wide geographic distribution, spanning both Central and South America from Guatemala to Ecuador. Like many species of Tangara, it is omnivorous, with a diet consisting of both fruits and arthropods. There are three subspecies within the Rufous-winged Tanager, distinctively identified by the extent to which blue replaces green on the underparts of males (Isler and Isler 1999). The Rufous-winged Tanager and Bay-headed Tanager (Tangara gyrola) are closely related to each other and similar in plumage, but the copper-red color on the wings of the Rufous-wingedTtanager is diagnostic.

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