Trogón Colinegro/Black-tailed Trogon/Trogon melanurus

Foto: Nick Athanas

Nombre en español: Trogón Colinegro

Nombre en ingles: Black-tailed Trogon

Nombre científico: Trogon melanurus

Familia: Trogonidae

Canto: Peter Boesman

Trogon melanurus, es una especie de ave perteneciente a la familia Trogonidae.

Foto: Nick Athanas

Distribución y hábitat

Se encuentra en la cuenca del Amazonas y el adyacente Panamá. Su hábitat natural son los húmedos bosques de las tierras bajas.


  • Trogon melanurus eumorphus
  • Trogon melanurus macroura
  • Trogon melanurus melanurus
  • Trogon melanurus mesurus
  • Trogon melanurus occidentalis
Trogon melanurus (2)
Foto: Samuel Aristizábal

Black-tailed trogon

The black-tailed trogon (Trogon melanurus) is a species of bird in the family Trogonidae. It is found in humid forest in the Amazon basin, north-western South America and adjacent Panama. The taxon mesurus from western Ecuador and far north-western Peru was formerly considered a subspecies of the black-tailed trogon, but is now considered a separate species, the Ecuadorian trogon.

Black-tailed Trogon is a canopy and mid-level forest species in lowland South America.  The male has a yellow bill and reddish eyering, a green head, chest, and upperparts with a white band separating the chest from the red underparts, and a blackish tail.  Females are gray above and below save for the red belly.  The species has three disjunct parts to its distribution, consisting of the Amazon Basin, a disjunct range west of the Andes in Peru and Ecuador, and a northern range in Panama, Colombia, and Venezuela.  They feed on fruit, especially Cecropia, and arthropods.  Calls of the Black-tailed Trogon include a ratting ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca series while the song typically consists of a slower series of evenly spaced, downslurred, whistled took notes.

Trogon melanurus .png

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