Buco de Obama/Western Striolated-Puffbird/Nystalus obamai

Nombre en español: Buco de Obama

Nombre en ingles: Western Striolated-Puffbird

Nombre científico: Nystalus obamai

Familia: Bucconidae

Foto: Brayan Coral

Canto: Andrew Spencer

El buco estriado occidental (Nystalus obamai)​ es una especie de ave piciforme de la familia Bucconidae propia de Sudamérica. Es tratada como una subespecie del buco estriado (Nystalus striolatus) por algunas autoridades taxonómicas,​ pero es elevada al rango de especie por otras.​ La especie fue nombrada en honor al expresidente de Estados Unidos Barack Obama.6


Se distribuye al oeste de la Amazonia, desde el sur de Colombia, a través de Ecuador, el Perú y el norte de Bolivia, hasta el el oeste de Brasil (al oeste del río Madeira).1

Western striolated puffbird

The western striolated puffbird (Nystalus obamai) was considered conspecific with the eastern striolated puffbird. It lives in Bolivia, western Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Its natural habitat is subtropical and tropical moist lowland forests. It was named after U.S. president Barack Obama.[

The Striolated Puffbird is a brownish puffbird of forest edges and openings. It has a unique combination of barred upperparts and streaked underparts, as well as a heavy, largely pale bill. Its whistled song has a distinctive pattern, two short notes followed by a longer note, then an even longer note on a lower pitch – «whip-whip-wheee, wheeeee«. This species often sits motionless on a favored perch in wait for passing insects, and the song, although soft, is often the best clue to a bird’s presence. The Striolated Puffbird usually is solitary, but may occasionally associate briefly with a mixed-species canopy flock. The nest is in an underground cavity. This species occurs disjunctly in southern Amazonia from Ecuador east to central Brazil, and also near the mouth of the Amazon in northeastern Brazil.

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