Cucarachero Gris/Gray-mantled Wren/Odontorchilus branickii

Nombre en español: Cucarachero Gris

Nombre en ingles: Gray-mantled Wren

Nombre científico: Odontorchilus branickii

Familia: Troglodytidae

Foto: Brayan Coral

Canto: Andrew Spencer

El cucarachero dorsigrís (Odontorchilus branickii) es una especie de avepaseriforme, una de las dos pertenecientes al géneroOdontorchilus que integra la familiaTroglodytidae. Se encuentra en Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador y Perú. Su hábitat natural es el bosque húmedo.

Odontorchilus branickii.jpg
(Taczanowski & Berlepsch, 1885)

Grey-mantled wren

The grey-mantled wren (Odontorchilus branickii) is a species of bird in the Troglodytidae family. It is found in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.

Gray-mantled Wren is a peculiar, arboreal wren of the Andes of South America. Found from Colombia south to northern Bolivia, this species occupies the canopy of humid montane forest from 800 to 2400 meters in elevation. This is a slender, odd-colored wren that is gray above and white below, with brown crown and a long gray tail boldly barred with black. Like its congener, Tooth-billed Wren (Odontorchilus cinereus), Gray-mantled Wren is rather gnatcatcher-like in its structure and behavior: it tends to poke around branches with its tail cocked up as it searches for insects to eat.

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