Ángel Nariñense/Gorgeted Sunangel/Heliangelus strophianus

Foto: Nick Athanas

Nombre en español: Ángel Nariñense

Nombre en inglés: Gorgeted Sunangel

Nombre científico: Heliangelus strophianus

Familia: Trochilidae

Canto: Niels Krabee

El colibrí pectoral​ (Heliangelus strophianus) es una especie de colibrí en la familia Trochilidae.

Foto: Javier Zurita


Se encuentra en Colombia y Ecuador.

Gorgeted sunangel

The gorgeted sunangel (Heliangelus strophianus) is a species of hummingbird found on the west slope of Ecuador and extreme southwestern Colombia.


This hummingbird is sexually dimorphic, but only slightly. Both sexes are shining green above with a small white postocular spot and a blue-black tail. Their lower underparts are also shining green bordered above by a white pectoral collar. The male has a reddish pink throat that extends from the white collar to almost the base of the bill. The female has a black chin with white stripes and a smaller reddish pink throat patch.

Fuentes: Wikipedia/eBird/xeno-canto

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