Tapaculo de Nariño/Nariño Tapaculo/Scytalopus vicinior

Foto: Daniel Avendaño

Nombre en español: Tapaculo de Nariño

Nombre en inglés: Nariño Tapaculo

Nombre científico: Scytalopus vicinior

Familia: Rhinocryptidae

Canto: Peter Boesman

El churrín de Nariño​ (Scytalopus vicinior), también denominado tapaculo de Nariño (en Colombia) o churrín nariño,​ es una especie de ave paseriforme perteneciente al numeroso género Scytalopus de la familia Rhinocryptidae. Es nativo de los Andes del noroeste de América del Sur.

Foto: Gilberto Collazos

Distribución y hábitat

Se distribuye por la pendiente del Pacífico de los Andes desde Colombia (Risaralda) hacia el sur hasta el centro de Ecuador (Cotopaxi).​

Es bastante común en el sotobosque y en los bordes de bosques montanos, principalmente entre los 1250 y los 2000 msnm de altitud.​

Foto: Johnnier Arango


Ya fue considerada una subespecie de Scytalopus panamensis pero fue separada sobre la base de las diferencias de vocalización. La especie Scytalopus chocoensis ya fue considerada conespecífica con la presente y separada posteriormente.

Nariño tapaculo

The Nariño tapaculo (Scytalopus vicinior) is a species of bird in the family Rhinocryptidae. It is found in Colombia and Ecuador.

Taxonomy and systematics

The Nariño tapaculo was originally described as a subspecies of Tacarcuna tapaculo (Scytalopus panamensis) and was retained there until after Krabbe and Schulenberg (1997) noted «no particular similarity, either in plumage or in voice, between true S. vicinior and S. panamensis«.

Foto: Alejandro Cartagena


The Nariño tapaculo looks similar to several other Andean tapaculos. The male’s head is dark gray, the back is dark gray or brown, and the rump is cinnamon with dusky bars. The throat, chest, and belly are lighter gray and the flanks and vent area are yellowish brown with blackish bars. The female is similar, but the back is browner, the throat is lighter gray, and the lower belly sometimes yellower.

Distribution and habitat

The Nariño tapaculo is found on the west slope of the Andes from Colombia’s Risaralda and Chocó Departments south to southwestern Cotopaxi Province in Ecuador. There it primarily inhabits the understory of moist montane forest and sometimes forest edges. In elevation it generally ranges from 1,250 to 2,000 m (4,100 to 6,560 ft) but can be found as high as 2,350 m (7,710 ft) in Ecuador.


The Nariño tapaculo preys on a variety of insects, but little more is known about its feeding phenology. Little is also known about its breeding behavior other than that breeding condition specimens were collected in November, December, and April.

The Nariño tapaculo’s song is «a fast series of well-enunciated, ringing notes that starts out with a brief stutter but then may go on for 15-30 seconds, pididi-ü–ü–ü–ü–ü–ü–ü–ü–ü–ü–ü».


The IUCN has assessed the Nariño tapaculo as being of Least Concern. Despite its somewhat small range and unknown population numbers, both are believed large enough to warrant that classification.

Fuentes: Wikipedia/eBird/xeno-canto

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